Client Overview

Sales Scripter is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize the sales process by providing customized sales scripting solutions. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Sales Scripter helps sales professionals across industries generate effective sales scripts, email templates, and objection responses, enhancing their communication strategies and improving engagement outcomes.

Project Overview

Sales Scripter's project entails leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPT to empower users with dynamic script generation capabilities. The platform integrates comprehensive sales messaging frameworks, assisting users in creating compelling and persuasive narratives for various sales scenarios. This initiative not only streamlines the script creation process but also significantly enhances the efficacy of sales communications by tailoring content to meet specific customer needs and industry standards.

Technical Challenges:

Integrated Sales Scripter into Gmail using Chrome's Extension API and Gmail's interface for seamless functionality.

Ensured security with OAuth authentication and encrypted data transfer.

Focused on scalability with cloud solutions, efficient database management, lightweight scripts, and flexible API framework.

Developed with React Native for iOS and Android, managing performance consistency and system API integration.


A Comprehensive Development Approach

Our team chose React Native to develop a cross-platform mobile application that maintains consistent functionality and user experience across Android and iOS devices.

Backend Integration and Enhancement

We utilized PHP and the CodeIgniter framework for the backend, with MySQL for database management, enhancing the scalability and security of the application.

User Interface Design

We firmly focused on UI to ensure ease of use, mainly streamlining the onboarding process and making the navigation intuitive for all user segments.


Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The integration of the Chrome extension, available on Android and ioS, and the improvements in the mobile and web applications have significantly boosted users&apps; productivity by simplifying access to essential tools.

Increased Platform Accessibility

The development of the mobile app has expanded user access, allowing sales professionals to engage with the platform on the go, thereby increasing the platform&aposs usage and flexibility.

User Satisfaction and Engagement

The enhancements and new features brought by Coditude dramatically improved user satisfaction, leading to increased engagement and a higher user retention rate.

Collaborating with Coditude enabled SalesScripter's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by continuously evolving its platform to meet the dynamic needs of sales professionals in the digital age.

Through strategic technology partnerships and a focus on user-centric development, SalesScripter sets new sales and marketing standards.

Impact Stories: From Vision to Product

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