We Make It Happen

We make it happen

We are on a mission to make things real. We are builders, makers, creators, and architects.

Coditude is a love affair with coding! We exist to make a difference and are up for something big: building the best software for our clients all over the globe.

Make an impact. Every (damn) day Our mission is to build long-lasting tech solutions for our clients and friends. Does it resonate with you?

You'd be glad to hear that we designed a workspace where everyone can thrive and build unprecedented products.

Dream it. Dare it. Build it!

Are you a doer? A maker? We're certainly looking for you to help us shape the future of technology.

Dream Dare Build It
Learn,Grow and Improve

Learn, Grow, and Improve

Are you a freshman or a senior? We have something in store for you. Coditude allows you to jump on a vertiginous learning curve and take your career (and personal skill set) to the next level.

Like-minded Fun-Loving Experts

Welcome to Coditude HQ, home of Like-minded Fun-Loving Experts. Together, we'll bring your visions to life with passion and joy!

Like-minded Fun-loving Experts
Work Consciously

Work consciously

To ensure every process goes smoothly, we push for crystal-clear communication. And seriously? We take pride in our flat and open culture. We are all about testing, collecting feedback, and reshaping our products accordingly.

That's why we always ask you to test every single line of code. Remember! We are builders, doers, and architects, hence, we must ensure mega-solid foundations for long-lasting products. Long short story: we test everything we build. Always keep in mind that the success of our clients highly depends on us. Inquisitively testing the quality of our work enables us to spot errors and offer a flawless experience to everyone involved with us.

It's all about them

Coditude HQ is all about making dreams happen for our clients, Neel, Simon, and Emily. As decision-makers and startup founders, they rely on us, the experts in sustainable and efficient solutions, to create apps, browser extensions, e-commerce platforms, or websites to reach their goals.

At Coditude, we dedicate every day to understanding their needs and ensuring they have nothing to worry about on the coding side of things. Before building anything, we ask ourselves, “Does it serve them? How will it benefit them?” It's not just a job; it's a lifestyle – making their lives easier and their dreams a reality!

It's All About Them
Interview Process

Employee Benefits Overview

In crafting our employee benefits, we've integrated insights from effectiveness studies, compliance with local employment laws, and our core mission. Here's what we have in store to help you thrive:



Your dedication deserves our recognition. Your initial salary reflects your expertise and the current market standards. As you grow and excel with us, your compensation will scale accordingly. In essence, your efforts and progress directly influence your earnings.


Employment Terms

You will start with a permanent contract, including an X-month introductory period, playfully termed the "Dating phase". If we find mutual satisfaction (which we anticipate), you'll successfully complete this phase and embark on "The Wedding" – the continuation of your contract.


Inclusivity Commitment

We champion equal opportunities. Regardless of your background, beliefs, love life, faith, disability status, ethnicity, or gender identity (please share your pronouns with us), you are welcome.

We Make It Happen

Embrace Innovation with Coditude's Culture

Join a vibrant community where innovation, inclusivity, and continuous growth are the cornerstones. At Coditude, we balance professional excellence with personal well-being, making a positive impact both within and beyond our walls.

One Taxi Architecture


Endless ways to make a difference

Our mission is to build the best products and solutions. To do so we need the best people. Who cares about CV, years of experience or never-ending cover letters? All it takes is for you to show us why you.

We Make It Happen

Shape Your Future in Tech

Join Coditude's Traineeship Program for a unique blend of tech education and practical experience. Turn your passion into a thriving tech career with our enriching, year-long training.

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