Potion is an ambitious startup led by a seasoned San Francisco entrepreneur passionate about leveraging technology to enhance business communications.

Project Overview

Before the generative AI hype, Potion set out to revolutionize business communications. Their initial MVP, built in partnership with Coditude, allowed salespeople to create and send personalized video pitches via email, setting the stage for their innovative platform.


generated personalized videos every month


increase in client acquisition


improvement in campaign performance

How Did We Start

In early 2020, a San Francisco entrepreneur launched Potion to revolutionize business communications by enabling users to create impactful videos directly from text. Partnering with Coditude, we built an MVP that allowed salespeople to record and send personalized video pitches via email. This MVP was developed and launched in just two months.

Long-Term Collaboration

Potion's journey with Coditude began with the development of their MVP and evolved into a long-living collaboration to build a robust video personalization platform. Following the successful launch of the MVP, Coditude continued to work closely with Potion to scale and refine the platform. This involved addressing several key challenges and implementing advanced features to enhance the platform's capabilities.

Technical Challenges:

Recording video and screen via Chrome extension with WebRTC, sending it to WebSockets, and storing it in Amazon S3 in a scalable way.

Generating GIF previews with FFmpeg and ImageMagick to insert in emails.

Develop an innovative video personalization platform to generate large volumes of customized videos.

Implement seamless integration of diverse methodologies to tailor and individualize video content effectively.

Enable dynamic video creation from template structures using AI algorithms to incorporate specific identifiers like company and individual names.


Real-Time Web Recording on Web

Utilized JavaScript media recording APIs to save videos in real-time via Socket.

Enabled real-time video uploading.

Video & GIF Customization

Leveraged media tools like FFmpeg and ImageMagick to achieve advanced customization.

Implemented features such as GIFs with banners, play buttons, and customized texts.

Video stitching and overlay.

Image to video conversion.

Audio mixing.

Highly Customizable WEB UI

Choose the Buefy CSS framework for high customizability.

Customization of primary colors and default components is possible.

Used design patterns to white-label the entire platform.

AI-Driven Content Generation

Utilized advanced machine learning algorithms and data processing techniques to create a scalable video personalization platform.

Implemented AI-driven content generation to automatically produce personalized videos in bulk, optimizing efficiency and reducing manual effort.

Technologies Included

Lip Synchronization: Artificial Intelligence.

Text-to-Speech (TTS): Artificial Intelligence.

Dynamic Video & Text Overlay.

Technology Architecture

Potion Architecture

Advanced Solution Development

After extensive research and POCs with open-source tools, we realized there was no out-of-the-box solution. We developed our own model, allowing users to generate thousands of videos with a single click and email them to a list of prospects. We also created a user interface to customize parts of the video using transcripts, allowing users to replace text fields like “Hi Jane” with “Hi [Firstname]” using their contact list.

Scalability and Cost Management

After a shoutout from AppSumo, our cloud bill quadrupled. We evaluated our options and moved to GCP, reducing our server bill by 75% and opening up new possibilities for future enhancements.

Integration and Customization Features

We integrated the extension with popular email campaign tools such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, and Gmail, enabling users to create video pitches directly from these platforms. Additionally, we developed a GIF preview editor, allowing users to add elements like photos, text, stickers, and subtitles, leading to increased engagement.

Potion's journey started with a partnership with Coditude. We built everything from the ground up to empower sales teams and customers with personalized video content. During this exciting journey, we faced challenges, including navigating ethical considerations surrounding generative AI.

Further Performance Optimization

As user demand grew, we faced performance challenges, requiring us to fine-tune our video generation pipeline and develop a unique prioritization algorithm to process videos efficiently. We also built a solution for users to host their videos on custom domains with their branding.

Another user request led to the development of a feature allowing screen recording of user websites while the video played in PIP mode. Using Puppeteer, we created videos of users visiting specific pages, which were then combined with lip-sync-generated videos. This posed new challenges, like bypassing bot detection systems using proxy networks.

Project Execution

From conceptualization to launching a scalable MVP, we experienced rapid development and iterative testing. Navigating Google's stringent policy changes and scaling video processing capabilities were significant obstacles to overcome.

The Aftermath Outcomes

The launch of the video solution transformed Potion's approach to market engagement, showing a marked increase in user interaction and conversion rates.

Key Takeaways

Lessons Learned

We experienced significant advancements in understanding real-time video processing and the practical application of AI to enhance user interaction.

Future Steps

Potion plans to expand the features of the video tool and explore new markets to increase its impact. We can't wait to discover what the future offers to our long-lasting collaboration.

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