The Story Behind Emerging from San Francisco's tech hotbed, serial entrepreneur Mr. Kanad teamed up with Coditude, known for their prowess in SaaS solution development. Having worked with Google-acquired start-ups, Kanad knew the transformational power of technology.

His vision? To revolutionize the way businesses handle email outreach and set out to build an unprecedented video outreach solution.

The Solution in Detail Our team's commitment to delivering a comprehensive product led them to handle all facets of the development process, including the complex tasks of architecture design, extensive functionality development, process streamlining, and the provision of continual support and maintenance. We crafted a solution that mainly offers real-time video recording and processing, allowing sales and marketing professionals to record and send videos swiftly and conveniently.

This feature came to life with cutting-edge web sockets and WebRTC technologies. It permits simultaneous video uploading as it records, eliminating the difficulty of handling large file sizes post-recording. To enhance the solution's reach and impact, Coditude integrated it with a broad range of sales and marketing tools, including popular platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, LinkedIn, and Mailchimp, among over 100 others. The integration process, however, was not without challenges due to differing guidelines and compliance requirements. Coditude's solution was to create a generic template, an innovation that streamlined the integration process and ensured efficient linkages with all major CRM systems and tools.

Advanced video processing played a critical role by enhancing each video with a polished, professional touch.

The objective was to make every video sales pitch feel as authentic as in-person meetings. We could reach these objectives with Amazon Transcribe for auto subtitle generation, ensuring viewers could engage with the content at a maximum level.

Further, FFmpeg technology enabled us to handle diverse formatting activities like creating brief video clips, format conversion, generating GIF previews, and more.

One of the standout features of the solution was the use of AI and ML to automate the process of video email outreach. Rather than recording separate videos, we leveraged deep fake technology to create personalized videos, drastically increasing efficiency and response rate.



The Winning Strategy Post product launch, Coditude adopted a feedback-based development approach. Feedback from the users of the initial version of the product was regularly gathered and analyzed. This strategy resulted in astute and strategic product improvements, enhancing functionalities and user satisfaction while leading to new user acquisition. The Robust Tech Stack The technology and tools chosen for this venture reflect the robustness of the solution. The stack included modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Vuex, Webflow, JavaScript, Node.js, and Vue.js with AWS, for cloud computing, Express.js, MongoDB, and Nuxt.js. Critical analytical and support tools included Stripe, FullStory, Amplitude, Segment, Selenium, and Google Analytics.


The journey wasn't without its fair share of challenges. Google's policy changes threatened the solution's browser extension. However, Coditude responded swiftly and gained extension approval under the new policies within a week. The team faced a scalability issue with video recording and solved it by setting up a separate cluster on AWS. The integration with over 100 third-party tools also posed a significant challenge due to their respective compliance requirements. Thanks to prompt communication and coordination with tech support teams, we managed successful integrations and met the deadline. The application of 'Deep Fake' for video email customization was challenging, but our broad experience in AI and ML gave us the tools we needed to succeed.


The solution, codenamed MAILTAG, was deployed on the AWS environment, characterized by features like auto-scalability, capacity planning, performance monitoring, and database auto-scaling, essential to handling varying user demands.


The project imparted valuable learning to process real-time video, understand the application of AI and ML in video processing, screen recording, and web socketing, to finally deploy effective communication management, particularly in a challenging time zone context.

Technology Architecture

Potion Architecture

Success Milestones

Coditude managed to develop the MVP within one and a half months, showcasing the scope and relevance of the solution, thereby facilitating the raising of funding rounds. Despite the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coditude delivered an effective solution to secure significant user numbers, demonstrating its robustness and market adaptability.

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