In the realm of professional music education, a revolutionary IoT-based Music Instrument, codenamed Midas, emerges as a game-changer.

Customer Profile

The love child of veteran musicians, Midas addresses a key challenge: facilitating seamless practice sessions by looping and slowing down music or video segments. Entrusted to Coditude, the project's vision was to create a multifunctional, digitally integrated pedal enhancing musicians' learning experiences.


01. Develop a Multifunctional IoT Pedal

The core objective was designing an IoT-based pedal integrated with multi-platform digital applications to allow easy integration of video and music platforms.

02. Create Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Developing user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android was crucial to ensure a seamless user experience.

03. Simplify User Onboarding

A user-friendly onboarding process was needed for effortless device setup.

04. Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Provide comprehensive support for a wide range of video and music platforms.


Registration and Sign-Up Features

Coditude introduced a registration feature for personalized services and direct communication to foster user engagement. This enabled us to comprehensively view sales and usage statistics, syncing with Midas' Shopify presence.

User Onboarding UX

Tackling the intricate process of user onboarding, Coditude crafted a step-by-step UX guide. This approach streamlined the device setup and introduced users to its functionalities, notably enhancing user experience.

Mobile Applications

Coditude developed intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android, extending Midas's functionality and ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Extension Development for Various Browsers

Coditude developed compatible extensions for Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox to cater to a diverse internet browser landscape. This ensured uniform functionality and consistent user experience across platforms.


Complex IoT Product Development

The project's comprehensive scope and third-party integrations made it one of the most challenging IoT products to develop.

Multiple Product Versions

Creating different product versions to cater to varying needs demanded innovative and diverse solutions.

Extension Development for Various Browsers

Ensuring compatibility across almost every browser required meticulous management of a complex codebase.

Project Results

Midas was delivered within the set timeline, leading to exponential sales growth. It captured over 70% of the market share in digital and retail commerce while being featured as a groundbreaking innovation by leading music magazines. The product's advanced features and compatibility placed it at the forefront of its segment.


The project underscored the importance of understanding diverse social media landscapes and prioritizing data security and privacy from inception. It highlighted the need for scalable and efficient data architectures for real-time processing and the value of collaboration and strong partnerships in navigating complex projects.

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