Integrated sales solution for Financial and Insurance domain with set up and development of entire Kiosk information system

Product Brief Product was an integrated sales solution developed for the Financial and Insurance domain to provide a collaborative approach for selling healthcare-related financial and insurance services. It involved the setup of the Kiosk information system and the development of applications to support this entire system.

The solution is intended to provide detailed information about various health insurance plans, insurance providers, and channel partners through Kiosk which was to be placed at more than 1000 clinics across the USA in its first phase.

Important objectives of the solution included:

  • Facilitate the exploration of the most relevant insurance plans
  • Facilitate the purchase of the insurance plans directly from Kiosk using the online portal of insurance providers and channel partners
  • Help schedule appointments with sales executives for in-person consultation

Background Client is a Wisconsin based organization working in Financial and Insurance domain since 1995 and focuses on providing integrated sales solutions around collaborative approach. The objective of the organization's technical initiative was to put consumer first in the health insurance purchasing process with the help of technically sound administrative solution. After round of discussions to finalise the requirements and after going through the customer success stories of Coditude, client decided to handover entire part of setting up Kiosk information systems which included hardware selection, set up, development of applications and support.

Our Solution Important aspects of the solution included:


The project required robust, large-sized tablets which can accommodate the modifications required for this project and support the applications. After studying the hardware requirements in detail, Coditude's team evaluated three different categories of tablets:

1. iPad
2. Android Tablet
3. Chromebook


A clean user interface (UI), large buttons, and application with simplified workflow were the core of the requirement as the target audience were elderly people and senior citizens. After multiple iterations and testing and feedbacks, Coditude delivered the optimum UI experience for the solution.

Application development

The system required the development of applications on various platforms to serve users more efficiently. The scope of the application development included the development of three different applications

1. Chrome web application development
2. Android application development
3. iOS application development

Set up

The aim of the kiosk information system was to share detailed information about the insurance plans, provide the functionality to explore and compare different plans from different service providers and facilitate appointment scheduling with consultants; for that, it was necessary to place the device where the footfall of probable customers is very high. Coditude consulted the client to set up the kiosk where it would make a positive impact and serve the ultimate purpose of the solution.


Integration of Mixpanel was used to track the usage of the kiosk and provide analytics in order to continuously improvise the information system with real-time analysis and identify user behavior trends to serve the users with more relevant information.

Distribution of Custom iOS apps Initially, the application was to be developed as a normal application but the client wanted to broaden the reach and sell this app to other organizations working in the Financial and Insurance domain. So Coditude developed a primary application for the client and for every customer of the client's organization, custom business applications were developed as per their requirements, and released various versions which included custom features, content, tailored look and feel such as branding and logo, etc. and helped them set up custom Kiosk information systems.

In an ongoing contract, Cpditude is responsible for the customization of the primary application based on the client's requirements to meet the unique needs of their organization i.e. to facilitate the distribution of apps by client organization to third organizations.

Custom app distribution not only helped client organizations to improve their top line but also extended the reach of the solution across third organizations across a financial domain.

Distribution Coditude managed the entire process of distribution of the custom applications which are distributed privately within the content section of Apple Business Manager.

This was done by enrolling as an Apple Business to purchase and distribute content and automate device deployment using Apple Business Manager. Identified organizations can see the custom app and purchase them in the Content section of Apple Business Manager and distribute it through Mobile Device Management.


Making the user interface (UI) user-friendly for non-tech savvy people was an important to challenge in the development of the Kiosk information system. So in order to ensure easy to use UI and streamlined workflow, the Coditude team worked with a consultant having extensive experience in developing UI for Kiosk information systems.

Ensuring the highest level of security, setting up the Kiosk, and taking measures to avoid tampering with the data and applications was also a major challenge in the development and set up of the Kiosk.

In order to help the usage of the kiosk, it was necessary to avoid exiting the app from device either automatically or by user along with default function of starting the same application in case the kiosk is restarted.


Working on a challenging project like this one helped us understand operations, sales function, and the overall nature of the Insurance business in the United States.

Set up of more than 1000 kiosk information systems which included everything from configuration of tablets, multiple application development to providing remote support was a big learning for the entire team as it was Coditude's first kiosk integration project and that too with a very large scale.

Project Results

The successful rollout for more than 1000 locations within the given timeframe.

30% increase in the leads and appointments; fulfilling the primary objective of placing the kiosk information systems in healthcare institutions.

Considerable increase (18%) in the sales, especially from a new business generation for Insurance companies.

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