Coditude's latest project, a pioneering "Sales Facilitation Platform" *(client confidentiality intact), marked a breakthrough in sales enablement. With its multifaceted components, including a Web Application, Chrome Extension, and Salesforce integration, we engineered a platform to redefine the sales process. It leverages Salesforce data to offer actionable insights, driving effective cross-selling and upselling strategies.

Customer Profile

Designed for sales teams seeking enhanced efficiency, this platform caters to businesses aiming to optimize their sales processes, particularly in cross-selling and upselling.


01. Innovate Sales Facilitation

Develop a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes sales enablement.

02. Real-Time Recommendations

Deliver instant, data-driven recommendations for strategic sales decisions.

03. Automate Account Mapping

Streamline collaboration through automated account mapping.

Technical Solution

Web Application with React JS & Next JS

A responsive interface crafted for optimal performance.

AWS Infrastructure

Employed AWS Lambda for scalable, cost-effective serverless computing.

Real-Time Data Handling with SQS Queue

Ensured seamless communication and data processing across the platform.

Industry Challenges Addressed:

Complexity in Salesforce data integration.

Limited standardization in sales data formats.

The need for real-time sales insights and recommendations.

Business and Technical Achievements

Streamlined Sales Process

Significantly enhanced sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Reduced operational costs through optimized cloud infrastructure.

Rapid Development and Deployment

Accelerated time-to-market, showcasing Coditude's agility.

Coditude's Promise

This case study exemplifies Coditude's commitment to customer-centric solutions and our proficiency in tackling industry-specific challenges. It underscores our expertise in delivering efficient, scalable, and impactful digital tools.

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