Comprehensive Analytics and Market Intelligence platform to help businesses understand ever-changing multifaceted marketplace and develop growth strategies.

Product Brief Product is an inclusive solution developed for a consultancy firm to serve various brands, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers and identify opportunities on Amazon online marketplace and make analytics driven fact based decisions to improve their sales.

Background Client is an established consultancy firm with specialization in developing a business strategy for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers along with start-ups from technological and nontechnological verticals to sell their products on online marketplaces like Amazon. Most of the processes and workflows involved in the services provided by the client were manual and used to consume months for product launch and optimization activities; limiting the effectiveness of the offered solutions as well as the operational efficiency of the organization. The client wanted to develop an analytics platform to overcome these challenges, enhance the range of their service offerings and make informed and factual decisions for their clients.

Our Solution As the requirement was extensive and needed lot of parameters to consider to achieve the overall product objective, Coditude team thoroughly comprehended the expected final outcome and what needs to be provided to end users. Based on that, the team segregated the requirements and defined different modules to accomplish the final product objective. Product solutions include:

  • Market Analysis:- Crawling of millions of products available on Amazon to identify the factors that drive the revenue and providing the relevant market insights to enhance the accuracy of the decisions.
  • Competitor Analysis:- Identifying the competitors and executing their behaviour analysis using advanced Confidential Blog 2 analytics algorithms to predict their strategy execution patterns and help clients' get an advantage over them.
  • Consumer Insights:- Data driven consumer behaviour analysis to understand the consumer needs and providing opportunity to clients' to tailor the product offerings aligned to those needs.
  • Predictive Technology:- Recognize and predict the trending products in any given category to empower clients' to act accordingly in time and take advantage of product trends and demands.
  • KPI Monitoring:- Easy to understand comprehensive customized reports for daily and weekly performance monitoring.
  • Strategy Development:- Providing insights to drive the strategy aligned to trends and most selling products while excluding the slower moving products.


Politely crawl millions of products on Amazon without surpassing the throttling limit.

Any small change in the Amazon website used to disorder the whole application system besides the incorrectness in the output.

Scaling of database to store humungous data resulting from multiple crawling systems.


Development of sustainable crawling network and database cluster to cater large number of products, categories, search terms and several other parameters.

Development of a system to nullify the changes arising from changes in the Amazon website.

Creation and Implementation of highly available database cluster.

Project Results

Product launch and optimization time drastically reduced from months to couple of weeks.

Manual efforts were reduced by more than 70%.

4X increase in the clients' products sale was achieved.

100X increase in the capacity to serve clients with the same number of resources.

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