Data driven analytics platform to facilitate product sell on Amazon with the help of actionable intelligence to improve product listings using trend analysis and relevant keywords

Product Brief Power AMZ is a SaaS-based application developed for Amazon sellers to build strategies and improve sales of the products on Amazon. The platform analyses millions of products present on Amazon and generates actionable intelligence and reports to help sellers improve the product listings with the help of keyword search and trend analysis and drive the business growth. The scope of the product involved the development of:

  • SaaS-based Web Application
  • Browser Extension

Background Multiple platforms are available in the market to start the e-commerce business. But considering the global customer base of the platforms like Amazon, almost every trader and manufacturer leverages it to sell their product from these platforms besides their own online stores.

Sellers who sell their products on multiple platforms:

  • Have to keep the inventory of all the platforms in sync
  • Have immense need to collect data from all these sites in real time
  • Need to run analytics to improve the listing of the product, analyses the trend, use relevant and most search keywords, etc. when selling the products on platforms like Amazon.

These platforms keep on generating information about the sales, user searches, buying patterns and many other similar attributes. This data is made available to users with the help of API's, but it's not available in real time and Amazon does not allow users to run analytics on this data.

Besides, competitors continuously keep on changing the product prices, keywords, product descriptions, titles, product images, selling strategies resulting into not so accurate reports and insights to drive the business in the right direction.

So client wanted to develop an advanced analytics platform to consolidate data from all of these sites and by processing this data they wanted actionable inputs, consolidated reports, custom reports and insights which the particular selling platform does not provide.

Our Solution Power AMZ project was incepted with detailed research about Amazon sellers, their ecosystem, key parameters from seller's point of view, product categories, various product attributes, defining attributes and their combinations for generating reports which will have impact on the sales performance etc.

  • Crawling

    Considering the need to collect data of millions of products in near real time and limitations on the data available on Amazon, Coditude decided to develop an extensive crawler system to deliver the accurate data for analytics.

  • Analytics

    An advanced analytics solution was developed based on defined key parameters and seller's requirements to provide the actionable intelligence to manage the products efficiently and drive the sales growth.

  • SaaS

    In order to expedite the use of the platform simultaneously by thousands of users and scale up the user base, SaaS model was developed Power AMZ. Once synced with marketplace Power AMZ accesses all the product data and provides custom reports and actionable information as per the seller's requirement. Apart from the technology consulting, development, testing and deployment; Coditude was responsible for marketing and branding of Power AMZ.


Development of advanced crawler to fetch the relevant product information at such a large scale (more than million products) was tough.

Data analysis was a challenge considering the huge number of products, their different categories and different parameters.

Crawling of millions of products in near real time while keeping compliance with the throttling limit (amount of request sent to crawl amazon data) and optimizing the API credit limit.


Understanding the development of a SaaS based product and its workflows.

Management of large scale crawling system.

Throttling optimization while maintaining the near real time data crawling up and running.

Acquaintance with e-commerce domain with learnings about key points for the sellers as well as parameters which are used for marketing or advertisement in this vertical.

Project Results

Consolidated growth was achieved in the acquisition of the users

Successfully completion of the project within given time frame

Execution of crawler system to crawl millions of products available on Amazon with minimum error rate in the data crawling.

Project Results
Project Results
Project Results
Project Results

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