Firefox Extension Icon Generator

This is a simple tool to generate icons for Firefox extensions. It takes any image above 128x128px and generates all the sizes needed for Firefox extensions.

Upload file

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It will create a 48px and a 96px icon from the image you upload.

It will then give you the code to add to your manifest.json file.

"icons": {
    "48": "icon48.png",
    "96": "icon96.png"

About Firefox Extension Icon Generator

With our user-friendly interface, converting an icon for Firefox extension and Firefox web store is painless. Simply upload an icon and our generator will seamlessly convert it into the perfect set of icons for your Firefox extension.

Improve visibility of your extension on Firefox Web store by providing all needed sizes of icons. This is a simple growth hack for increasing visibility of your Firefox extension.


PNG is recommended as it supports transparency and it's a lossless format.

For best practices refer to Firefox extension icon guide