Chrome Extension Boilerplate with Vue Js.

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Vue Boilerplate


What is included?

Vue Js

Dive into the future of Vue.js development with our latest feature. This game-changing addition to our Vue.js boilerplate promises to redefine your coding journey, bringing innovation, efficiency, and endless possibilities to the forefront. Unleash the full potential of Vue.js on the page we are crafting, setting new standards for seamless and dynamic web applications.


Dive into the future of state management! Our Vue.js boilerplate now comes equipped with VueX, offering a seamless and efficient way to manage the state of your application. Unleash the power of reactive data handling and effortlessly elevate your Vue.js projects to new levels of scalability and organization.


Discover the game-changing addition to our Vue.js boilerplate – the seamless integration of Nuxt. Streamline your Vue.js projects with enhanced server-side rendering, routing, and more. Elevate your development workflow and unlock new possibilities effortlessly.

Webpack 5

Unveil the future of Vue.js development with our cutting-edge boilerplate, now seamlessly integrated with Webpack 5. Experience enhanced performance, improved build times, and advanced bundling capabilities, ensuring your Vue.js projects are at the forefront of modern web development. Upgrade your workflow and unleash the full potential of Webpack 5 on the path to unparalleled Vue.js applications.

Tailwind CSS

Embark on a seamless design journey with our Vue.js boilerplate's latest addition – Tailwind CSS. Unleash the power of utility-first styling, streamline your workflow, and effortlessly create stunning, responsive interfaces. Elevate your Vue.js development with the perfect marriage of simplicity and style.


Dive into the Vue.js boilerplate's latest upgrade with the integration of Storybook. Unleash creativity and streamline UI development as you effortlessly craft and showcase interactive components, providing an immersive experience for both developers and end-users. Elevate your Vue.js projects with the power of visual storytelling!

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