Chrome Extension Boilerplate with Next JS.

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Next Boilerplate


What is included?

Essential UI Components

Dive into a world of convenience as we empower you with a curated set of UI components, designed to streamline your workflow and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Next.js projects. Say goodbye to repetitive coding and hello to a faster, more efficient development journey.

New Tab Page

Discover how to leverage the modern features of Next.js to craft a visually striking new tab page that captivates users with personalized content and dynamic elements. Dive into the intricacies of V3's background processes and explore how Next.js can seamlessly integrate with this new extension architecture.

Extension Popup

Explore creative ways to design an extension popup that not only aligns with Manifest V3 guidelines but also utilizes Next.js's power for dynamic content delivery. Learn strategies for efficient communication between the popup and background scripts, ensuring a responsive and engaging user experience.

Option Page

Crafting a Option Page Next.js brings enhancements to extension options pages, offering a refined user experience. Uncover the art of building an options page using Next.js, incorporating the latest Next.js features. Delve into the process of creating a customizable and intuitive settings interface, all while adhering to the new extension architecture standards.

RTK Query

Explore the cutting-edge addition to our Next.js boilerplate as we introduce the game-changing RTK Query feature. Elevate your data fetching and state management with seamless integration, making your development experience faster, smoother, and more efficient than ever before.


Enhance user interaction on our Next.js JS boilerplate with the latest addition – Next.js-Toastify! Discover seamless and customizable toast notifications that bring a touch of sophistication to your web applications. Elevate your development experience with this user-friendly feature.

Webpack 5

Explore the latest frontier in Next.js JS development as we delve into the game-changing features introduced by Webpack 5. From enhanced performance optimizations to streamlined module federation, discover how these cutting-edge capabilities reshape the landscape of building robust and efficient Next.js JS boilerplate.


Explore the seamless fusion of Next.js and TypeScript as we pave the way for more robust, scalable, and error-resistant web applications on our cutting-edge boilerplate page.

Tailwind CSS

Discover the seamless synergy of Tailwind CSS in our new Next.js JS boilerplate page! Elevate your styling game with intuitive utility-first classes and supercharge your development experience.

Formik & Yup

Unlock seamless form validation with our latest addition to the Next.js boilerplate – Formik & Yup. Empower your projects with robust form handling and user-friendly validation for a smoother development experience.


Explore the enhanced capabilities of our Next.js boilerplate with the latest Axios integration. Effortlessly manage HTTP requests, handle data seamlessly, and elevate your web development experience to new heights. Upgrade your projects with the power of streamlined API communication.

File-based Routing

Discover seamless navigation with our latest Next.js boilerplate update! Introducing file-based routing for an intuitive and efficient way to structure your pages. Say goodbye to complex configurations and hello to a smoother development experience!


Dive into the future of UI development with the cutting-edge Storybook feature for our Next.js boilerplate. Explore a seamless design experience that transforms the way you build and showcase components, elevating your projects to new heights.


Explore the latest enhancement in our Next.js boilerplate – introducing a powerful array of permissions including 'activeTab,' 'storage,' 'downloads,' 'contextMenus,' and 'tabs.' Supercharge your development experience as you gain fine-grained control and flexibility, ensuring your pages reach new heights of functionality.

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