Business Challenge

The existing web portal was built using old .Net technology and had more than 320 pages related to services offered and information to opt for those services. The existing website could have been faster, considering the information that it held. Every time a new marketing campaign was launched, the customer had to get in touch with the tech team to update content accordingly. The process was time-consuming, and we had to go through many inter-departmental approvals with multiple stack holders, so there was rigidity in the system.

The client wanted a CMS-enabled web portal to reduce the load time for the web requests and make the portal as responsive as possible. The client also wanted to build an end-to-end automation for its workflow.

Technology Solution

Our team decided to leverage Drupal CMS and ReactJS frontend capabilities, ReactJS to display the content, and Drupal to create templates that can be edited and published using Drupal CMS. Selenium was used to provide end-to-end load testing analysis, reports, and certification. Centralized CloudFront storage was provided to upload assets from CMS and utilize it in frontend React applications. A CDN and push mechanism were provided to ensure big files, videos, and static assets were displayed without consuming too much bandwidth.


  • Brought down the load time by 80%
  • It also helps to design the end-to-end workflow approval automation
  • The Media module enabled the marketing team to make event-driven content changes independently
  • Metadata module to manage meta tags for SEO changes
  • Integrated Google Analytics dashboard with Drupal to track the traffic

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