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Product Brief

Mandatum is an innovative application developed to enhance the online shopping experience. By leveraging deep learning and analytics, it assists users in planning and purchasing products by recommending the optimal stores, timing, and prices. With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data, Mandatum provides price predictions for the next seven, fifteen, and thirty days, along with price drop alerts, ensuring users never miss out on great deals.

Challenges and Objectives

Mandatum's management team, armed with extensive experience in data science and analytics, aimed to transform the online shopping landscape.

They sought a technology partner proficient in machine learning, crawling, online marketplaces, and infrastructure management to execute this ambitious vision. After careful evaluation and discussions, Coditude was chosen as the ideal project partner.


Here's how we achieved it:


Data crawling was a critical function, requiring high-speed and accurate retrieval of voluminous data. Coditude initially utilized Keepa services for crawling stale data, but soon developed an in-house solution for regular updates. This ensured factual and up-to-date data availability for analytics, boosting accuracy.


We developed a robust backend system that shared product data and preferred prices with vendors, enabling feasible fulfillment of requirements. A bidding mechanism was implemented to manage multiple vendor claims, resulting in increased conversion rates and mutually beneficial arrangements for buyers and sellers.


With over 30 prediction models, we facilitated price predictions, product correlations by category, and anticipated price fluctuations. Leveraging MongoDB, we stored the crawled variable data and ran machine learning algorithms to guide users in their buying decisions.


Regularly crawling and updating variable product data from multiple online platforms, initially focusing on Amazon and later expanding to other stores.


Coditude implemented tailored marketing activities to increase product acceptance and visibility. To expedite training and onboarding, we developed a comprehensive training program supplemented by standardized documentation and explanatory videos.


Rigorous monitoring and proactive actions to maintain optimal system performance. Database Auto Scaling: Leveraging AWS Aurora to dynamically scale the database without manual intervention.


Bridging the gap between customers and vendors, serving as an efficient exchange platform.


To ensure a seamless experience, we deployed MAILTAG on the AWS environment, incorporating key characteristics:


Managing server load efficiently during user surges. Capacity Planning: Optimizing infrastructure costs by scaling servers based on demand patterns.

Technology Architecture

Mandatum Extension Architecture


Mandatum's analytics-driven platform, developed in collaboration with Coditude, redefines online shopping. By empowering buyers with advanced planning and personalized recommendations, Mandatum creates the ultimate shopping experience. With the backing of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, Mandatum paves the way for seamless, efficient, and enjoyable online shopping. the transformative power of modern digital solutions.

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