Marketing Technology Solution to Maximise the Effectiveness of Email and Social Media Campaigns for Analytics Driven Continuous Optimization

Background The Client is a Florida, USA-based Management Consulting agency that primarily helps organizations optimize their sales funnels with their advanced Marketing Technology, Automation, and Analytics solutions. Dan, the CEO and Founder of the organization has 20+ years of domain experience and is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and speaker.

Dan and his team were facing difficulties with their software development partner because of poor development quality, month's long development cycles, and the large number of bugs.

Dan got to know about Coditude through one of our existing customers and reached out to see how Coditude can help him with streamlining the development of his digital products.

Product Overview Marketing companies run hundreds of campaigns on various platforms which requires management of links for

  • Content creation in the form of blogs, case studies, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, etc.
  • Marketing campaigns on Facebook, other similar platforms, and other sources of marketing

Marketing agencies need to build links and track those for analytics purposes and to improve and optimize campaign performance continuously. For large organizations, link creation and management is difficult as a number of campaigns are active simultaneously. The solution addresses this core problem and helps marketing teams to manage and optimize their campaigns more efficiently.


Scope: is the advanced way to build, share and sync the UTM's across your team and helps marketing teams to maximize the effectiveness of email and social media campaigns.

The primary objectives of the solution are:

  • Help marketing agencies build UTM links faster, easier, and in a better way and achieve better workflow
  • Facilitate the collaboration across the team and realize better tracking of the various campaigns
  • Tracking and sharing of UTMs across your entire marketing team
  • Realize improved campaign results with custom branded domains

Custom Domain:  The development of functionality to create custom domains was an important feature of the solution to expedite its usage and management by a marketing team. As, after extensive research, it was found that custom branded domains can increase the clicks by more than 34%.

Shortened URL can be customized as per the requirement, but to do that it had to be pointed to a server, however, there was a critical problem, that service providers like GoDaddy don't allow CNAME records for the root domain. So to facilitate this functionality, Coditude provided an IP-based solution.

Also, using an AWS load balancer was not possible due to the limitations of using CNAME records, Coditude developed a custom load balancer along with the configuration of all the standard features of the AWS load balancer. Anticipating the heavy traffic for the application and bypassing the issue arising from custom domain functionality, Coditude developed a custom load balancer for redirecting the traffic and increasing the availability of the solution.

Chrome Extension:  The scope of the work also involved chrome extension development in order to ease the entire process and help users to build UTM links faster and easier.


The client's previous development partner had no processes in place to carry out the development of this complex project and most of the processes were done manually, so when Coditude took responsibility for the project, streamlining operations and processes was the biggest challenge.

So Coditude team started by focussing on streamlining the operations and setting up the processes like project management process set up the communication process and establishing continuous deployment process.

Existing NPM packages were not sufficient for the project requirement and it posed one of the biggest development challenges. So in order to overcome this Coditude team took the open-source NPM package and customized it as per the requirement and published it in the NPM registry and helped overcome challenges.


Unlike other projects, this project required analyzing the existing part development in relation to requirements and bringing existing code into the process. This was great learning for the team as we were responsibly correcting the existing code, preparing proper documentation, implementing processes for communication and reporting as well which was great learning.

Requirement related to custom domain management provided the Coditude team to learn a great deal about the domain providers, their working, their process, and their challenges as well.

Project Results

The solution had lots of functionalities that were common between the web application and browser extension so Coditude analyzed these functionalities and optimized the complete code and removed the functionality code which was common. It drastically decreased the percentage of the bugs and resulted in increased speed of new functionality development.

Initially, the release cycle was in months because of the absence of the proper development process with the previous developer. Coditude team set up a continuous deployment methodology which resulted in the shortened release cycle. We succeeded to decrease it significantly to an extent that, if required, we were able to deploy functionality of modification on daily basis.

Helped clients to grow the user numbers from 10,000 to 50,000.

Success Milestones

Coditude managed to develop the MVP within one and a half months, showcasing the scope and relevance of the solution, thereby facilitating the raising of funding rounds. Despite the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coditude delivered an effective solution to secure significant user numbers, demonstrating its robustness and market adaptability.

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