Designed and developed Microservice-based Analytics Solution for Request, Access, And Provisioning on Different Clouds.

Technology Solution

We have developed a microservice-based self-service portal for customers and sales teams to request and access free trials and POC of clients' cloud offerings in public cloud (AWS) and managed environments.

It is a one-stop place for cloud customers to self-register and browse the complete service catalogue. It is an easy-to-use portal for customers where they can start the free trial to get hands-on experience with features and POC to avail of premium services offered by clients.

The portal empowered the sales team to give customers an easy way to look and feel their offerings, enabling sales. This platform facilitates transparency and streamlining for the entire sales and Ops team as they can monitor and manage the workflow approvals for free trials and POC deployment environments for customized requirements.

It orchestrates all complex deployment actions, streamlining the software delivery, provisioning, de-provisioning, configuration management, and updating product instances deployed as a cloud service from its self-service consoles, thereby allowing the client's team to experience the capabilities of IaaS.

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