Integrated supplier relationship management application to manage day to day operations to streamline collaboration and scale efficiency.

Product Brief This is a cloud based platform developed for supply chain management domain to help companies streamline coordination and collaboration with suppliers. The primary product objectives include:

1. Increase overall operational efficiency
2. Improve coordination and collaboration
3. Monitor individual supplier performance
4. Boost business scalability

The solution provides hawk-eye view to companies over supplier engagement including management of day-to-day operations, supplier reviews, contract negotiations, sharing of supplier contacts and other collaborations to streamline operations. The application provides the edge to companies by enabling productive engagement and responsive strategic decision-making.

Background Client is a New York based serial entrepreneur and wanted to develop extensive solution in supply chain operations management vertical. After in-depth research of the D2C market and understanding their workflows, interviewing tens of D2C brands, multiple areas were identified which if improved can transform the operational processes in the segment.

Considering the strong technical expertise of the Coditude, client chose Coditude as a product development and technology partner.

Our Solution The project was initiated with in-depth research about the Supply Chain Management (SCM) domain and anticipating the importance of domain understanding to successfully deliver the product, Coditude hired a consultant – SCM domain expert to help all the involved resources understand the stakeholder functions, operational workflows and terminologies.

Independent System to fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to Covid-19 crisis medical supply chain was collapsed and suppliers were unable to ship the masks, ventilators and other medical products to healthcare institutes. So the client decided to improve the product functionalities and bridge the gap between medical suppliers and healthcare institutes. So Coditude developed an extensive automated system to match up the requirements where suppliers can bid for the RFP's, can approve the offers and manage the entire supply chain till the delivery of the medical products to required location.

The system consists of various features like RFP submissions, bidding, development of custom payment terms, payment integration, shipment tracking etc. Understanding the gravity of the pandemic, Coditude engaged additional resources despite challenges and successfully deployed system in a month's time.

In just last few weeks, the system helped ship millions of masks and medical products worth millions of dollars across USA.

Solution Highlights

Continuous communication with the stakeholders and domain experts to understand the requirements thoroughly

Wireframes and workflows designing with Setting up of branding guidelines for the product

Using of React Storybook to keep uniformity in the User Interface (UI) and ensure adherence to branding guidelines

Test driven development and Setup of continuous deployment pipeline

Development of two types of crawlers using Coditude Crawler platform to scrap data from Wikipedia and company websites

Considering the strong technical expertise of the Coditude, client chose Coditude as a product development and technology partner.

Technology Architecture

Supplier Final Architecture


Limited SCM domain knowledge of the development team was a hurdle since requirement understanding phase. Coditude hired a SCM domain expert to help the team with understanding SCM operations, workflows, role of involved stakeholders, terminologies and their significance.

Maintaining scalable infrastructure on AWS was a crucial and it was to be done using AWS Lambda. But it was troublesome to maintain set of Lambdas for each developer. So we setup a local Docker image using LocalStack and replicated the AWS network so that the development environment will be similar to that of production; resulting into increased efficiency and reduced development efforts.

Ensuring the security of the data and infrastructure was a challenge considering the vast number of user base and high velocity and volume of the generated data.

Development of clean UI to manage complex workflows of supply chain operations management was a challenge. Regular interactions of developers were scheduled with product owner, SCM domain expert to understand details and operational workflows; which helped them to come up with the simplified and user centric UI.

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