Product Overview Coditude has developed a leading-edge transport networking web application for a UK-based client to revolutionize daily commuting. This web platform unites operators, minicab and executive private hire companies, minibus owners, and travel companies to meet passenger transport requests with a cost-effective medium for fulfilling commuting needs.

The scope of this product included a mobile-responsive web application, testing, infrastructure management, and post-deployment support.

The Beginning Our client, based in the UK, aimed to offer a unique platform to facilitate daily commuting in the country. Initially, the transportation scope of the product focused on predefined commutes such as airports, rail stations, shopping centers, and tourist destinations. However, we later expanded to encompass a comprehensive transport networking application.

Our Solution We kicked off with market research and competitor analysis. Based on the identified modules and features, Coditude decided to employ its Marketplace platform for product development, using its built-in modules to cut development costs and speed up time-to-market.

The developed product comprises three crucial components:

  • An end-user module to facilitate cab booking for commuters.
  • A partner module allowing comprehensive management of activities for cab operators and drivers.
  • An admin panel to manage the entire activities of the user and partner modules.

Leveraging the power of Machine Learning We integrated Google Maps into the application for route selection and direction provision. To enhance the user experience, we developed machine learning algorithms for improved route selection, calculation, and optimization. These algorithms factored in variables like real-time traffic, drivers current location, preferred coverage areas, and their suitability for a particular ride.



The Booking Bank is a unique module developed to display all unclaimed bookings. This feature allowed drivers from other locations to claim a ride about to be canceled, improving engagement for users and partners.


Considering infrastructure management factors, the product was deployed on the AWS environment, ensuring auto-scalability, capacity planning, performance monitoring, and database auto-scaling.


We developed an algorithm to calculate a mutually profitable rate for users and partners based on the average of the rates proposed by partners. We later refined the strategy to remove anomalies arising from unusually high and low prices proposed by the partners.


Payment APIs were integrated into the application to facilitate two-way payment processing for users and partners. Our automatic backend system simplified refunds on canceled rides, automatic invoice generation, weekly partner account settlement, penalty calculations, government taxes, and direct money transfers to partner accounts.

Technology Architecture

One Taxi Architecture

Challenges Overcome

Our team successfully navigated various challenges:

  • UX iterations and Google API integration for location suggestions and auto-fills helped us resolve issues related to disconnected user experience.
  • A partner module allowing We eased technicalities in partner/driver onboarding by creating standard profile forms and designing easy-to-understand training collaterals.
  • We developed an algorithm to eliminate outlier values and address issues in price calculations due to abnormally low and high prices partners proposed.
  • We tackled challenges in AdWords cost optimization and built a system for dynamic web content to include relevant keywords and names of popular tourist locations.


Coditude learned the importance of verification for aggregator portals serving large user bases and the development of a mutually beneficial pricing strategy, along with the need for its analysis and overhaul to eliminate anomalies.

Effective communication management by entire team even with a time zone having very little overlap for real time communication.

Project Outcomes

Post-marketing launch and promotional campaigns, we observed a 20% increase in active users, and the network expanded to more than 10,000 partners and over 50,000+ active users. The platform facilitated over 100,000 rides, and the improved partner onboarding process increased by 35% using the standard profile and providing necessary training to partners.

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